SGC Server Lite Version 1.1

Name SGC Server Lite
Version 1.1
Publish 2008-04-30
Requirement · SAP GUI 6.40 Patch Level 0-21 or SAP GUI 7.10 Patch Level 0
· Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003 or XP Home/Pro

Note :
- You must have an authorization for using RFC in your's SAP system.
Feature New Features :
· Support Structure Variable of RFC/BAPI (Imports. Exports and Tables)
· More faster than previous feature
· Auto reduce CPU Memory Usage
· Used a new method of encryption
· RFC Session Display
· User Define for IP Address in Service Socket

Previous Features :
Bugs Found :
· Single type processing is not work
· Error when running a multi client and process SAP Function at the same time
· Increase a lot of Memory Usage while processing a Function
· Error when encrypt/decrypt a Transaction File
· and some others bug

Version 1.0 (Beta)
· SAP Logon Profile
· Single user logon to SAP
· Multiple Process for running SAP Function Module
· Using Socket Technology to communicate with SGC Client
· Encrypted Logs :System and Client Transaction Log
· User access counter
· User Authorization : IP Address, Function and SGC Command
· SGC Command : "Get Server String", "Get SAP Logon Info", "Get User Menu List", "Get Function Info" and "Run Function"
· Using XML Format
· Support RFC/BAPI Variable : Import (non Structure), Export (non Structure) and Tables
Limitation Donators :
• No Limitation

Non Donators :
• Multiple process is limited max. 5 process simultaneously
• Can't request a custom SGC Server for specific company requirement, such as : unique encryption, new authorization etc
• Can't request for new application example
• Can't get any support from our team, when develop any SGC Client application