SGC Server - SAP Connector for All Programming Language

SGC Server is a small and powerful program that can connected almost all Programming Language with SAP Function Module (RFC/BAPI). Using this connector, you can develop SAP Interface application as SGC Client in different environment without connect directly to SAP. Beside that, you not need others SAP connector to build SAP Interface application anymore. Soon, we will create a desktop and web application examples in windows, Linux, java mobile, Android, PocketPC and more.

SAP provides a range of libraries for the platforms Windows, UNIX and AS/400 which should be used as the exclusive gateway to R/3. But, not all library is provides to any kind of programming language. Also, the existing RFC Library is build to specified programming language and every programming language have a different method to used the library. If you develop SAP Interface using RFC library and your application is used more than 10 user in more than 10 CPU, then you must provide 10 SAP User license for every single CPU.

How much money you will be expend if your application is used and access from 200 CPU's ?

SGC Server has answered and solved the problem above.

Read and learn this "Communication Tiers" diagrams bellow !!


Communication Tiers

Using socket technology in SGC Server, it's make all SGC Client could be call/execute the RFC/BAPI without having a SAP User . SGC Client just send the SGC command to SGC Server, then SGC Server would be arrange the RFC/BAPI call process. After the RFC/BAPI call process is done, then the result will be send back to SGC Client.

If you apply the SGC Server in your company, so you have reduce a lot of money for any SAP User license that used for SAP interface application.


Not like others connector, SGC Server only need 1 SAP user for all SGC client application.


alionzo said…
hi albertus..

nice post..

mau nanya.. di artikel ini disebutkan kalau menggunakan 10 user dari 10 cpu maka butuh 10 license..ini dapat info dari mana? boleh minta info lengkap-nya nggak?

kalau misal kita buat web aplikasi, secara teknis-nya kan koneksi dilakukan di web server, bukan di client. apakah ini berarti kita harus bayar license per user juga, atau hanya 1 saja, seperti SGC ini.

terimakasih banyak,